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Everyday the team public enemy goes down to a local school stadium to practice our free running,but first as always we take some to stretch and work on our basics.


 warm-up and stretches

Parkour training is usually comprised of one or more of the following elements:

  • general fitness training
  • mobility training
  • practising runs
  • drilling elements

Essential to a healthy training session is an effective warm-up and a good warm-down. The principal objective of a warm-up is to increase heart rate and blood circulation. Most hearty aerobic exercise sustained for a short period (10 minutes) will function as an effective warm-up.

A warm-down could consist of a gentle jog. Stretches can be usefully incorporated into a warm-down to increase mobility.

Stretches increase mobility and are quite different from a warm-up although they can be incorporated into one. Some gentle stretching can be benificial in enabling your joints an increased range of movement, however significant stretching is best incorporated into a warm-down. While stretches increase mobility they also make the joints more prone to dislocation for some time after the stretching.

Stretches should be held for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Never 'bounce' when stretching (ballistic stretching). The most effective long-term mobility is achieved through 'static' (slow, gentle, held) stretching. Static stretches are also less likely to cause damage. 'No Pain - No Gain' does NOT apply to stetching exercises. If it hurts STOP!

A number of stretches are detailed below.

Loosen your neck by bringing your chin to your left shoulder then look up to the sky. Rotate your head so that your chin reaches your right shoulder then look down to the ground. Continue to rotate your head in a gentle fluid motion. Do not roll the head to the back.


Stand up straight with your feet apart. Look ahead. Shrug your shoulders in small circular movements.


Slowly circle your arms in large stretched movements to the side of the body. Continue to look straight ahead.


Stand with your legs apart. Raise your right arm and stretch overhead, leaning over towards the left. Repeat with the left arm.


Canoe Trips

* Charles River:
June 12, 15, 18
July 22, 27
August 12, 28

* Western River:
July 12, 20
August 14, 21

White Water Rafting Trips

* Moosehead Maine:
July 12, 15, 17
August 24

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